The Fastest Way to Put Large Data Sets to Work

The Fastest Way to Put Large Data Sets to Work

Oct 26, 2021

The use by AEC firms of reality capture devices, like drones and 3D cameras, has exponentially increased the amount of data that they collect in the field but to unlock its value and be actionable it must go through a time and computing-intensive process that is easier said than done.

Transferring that data to an office or the public cloud can take hours, days or weeks, significantly impacting project timelines.

Your projects don’t need to be delayed or run off outdated information just because you can’t get the latest data. Now, you can automatically upload your data to an office or the public cloud to be processed, then make it immediately available to anyone who needs it no matter where they are.

With over 3,000 AEC customers Egnyte helps streamline every phase of the project, from precon through closeout. Large files and data sets are easily accessed, shared, managed, and protected, allowing firms to get the most out of their most critical content.

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Leading Architecture, Engineering, and Construction firms rely on reality-capture devices such as laser scanners and 3D cameras to record every dimension and detail throughout a project, from design to closeout.
But evolving versions of large data sets, like point clouds, combined with workers spread across multiple locations, makes updating and transferring data for processing, extremely slow and painful.
So, firms find manual solutions. Like downloading data to hard drives or USB thumb drives and physically shipping or driving them to the office. Often taking hours, days, or weeks for the data to arrive.
Egnyte streamlines the entire process, making data available for use faster and reducing the risk to data integrity.
With Egnyte:

  • Files created by reality-capture devices are automatically uploaded the data to the Egnyte cloud
  • Data sync begins immediately to either an office or to AWS or Azure for processing
  • When complete, data syncs back with Egnyte, available to anyone at any office and jobsite
  • Large data sets from the field are now available in minutes, not days or weeks.
  • Meaning less wait time and less rework - keeping projects on time and on budget.
  • To learn more about what the Egnyte platform can do, visit us at