Endpoint Configuration Management - Tanium Tech Talks #83

Endpoint Configuration Management - Tanium Tech Talks #83

Mar 13, 2024

See how to satisfy change management with endpoint tooling upgrade rings in today's Tanium Tech Talk.

  • Create your own Tanium tooling update rings
  • Control computer groups and schedules for change management
  • Test, pause, and promote based on your own needs
  • Take up to 60 days for full deployment

#informationsecurity #informationtechnology

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00:00 Intro

00:39 Meet Danny

01:08 What is Endpoint Change Management?

03:35 How did we solve this?

05:00 DEMO: Endpoint Change Management

07:30 DEMO: Upgrade Rings

08:50 Ring best practices

10:05 How do I know if a deployment is bad?

10:40 DEMO: Pause promotion

12:45 DEMO: Computer Groups

13:30 Update deferral ring (future)

14:20 DEMO: Timing auto-promotion

14:42 DEMO: Manual promotion

15:28 Tanium hotfixes

16:11 Tools changed and unchanged

17:18 Can I pick which changes to promote?

18:15 DEMO: Toolset versions

19:30 DEMO: Release notes

21:00 Flexibility and simplicity

21:58 Wrap up and resources