Drone Safety and Cybersecurity | Cybersecurity Sessions #2

Drone Safety and Cybersecurity | Cybersecurity Sessions #2

Dec 14, 2021

With drones now capable of massive cluster displays at events like the Olympics opening ceremony, and being used in sectors like healthcare, what role does cybersecurity play in making these devices safe?

In this month’s episode of the Cybersecurity Sessions podcast, Andy talks to drone pilot and experienced cybersecurity expert Frank Jones about the emerging technology of drones, their growing list of use cases and how important security is in their wider adoption. Frank answers Andy’s burning questions about how IOT device security principles relate to the mobile and sometimes autonomous nature of drones, and their expanding applications in the real world.

Frank Morris, Head of Security Infrastructure, Capita

Frank Morris is Head of Security Architecture at Capita, with previous experience in cybersecurity management at KPMG. He specializes in cybersecurity architecture and operations. Frank is also a CAA approved drone pilot and is an advocate of considering the security implications of drones and autonomous devices.

Key points:

  • The current state of security measures and regulations for drones
  • How CAA guidance documents such as CAP 722 aim to keep drones safe
  • The differences and parallels between hobbyist and commercial drones
  • The potential risks involved in using drones for businesses

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