DNS vs JavaScript | Virtual Waiting Room

DNS vs JavaScript | Virtual Waiting Room

Aug 29, 2018

Having worked with some of Europe’s largest retailers as well as high-profile ticketing platforms and venues around the globe, Netacea is well equipped to not only help you prepare for peak online sale events, but also be your first line of defence from spikes in traffic or malicious bots.

It has never been more important to ensure 100% website availability. In a digital world of streaming, consumers are accustomed to gaining access to information, entertainment and items of desire in near real time. Failure to provide immediate access to website shops, limited edition product ranges and discounted sales events can be detrimental to brand reputation and repeat custom.

Even a one-second delay in load time can result in a 7% loss in conversions and a two-second delay during a transaction results in shopping card abandonment rates of up to 87% as customers fear something has gone wrong with the transaction and abandon their purchase.

Nobody likes waiting, so when selecting a Virtual Waiting Room solution, select one that matches your business objectives, and one that makes the waiting process as fair, transparent and painless as possible.

Selecting and proven, scalable Virtual Waiting Room solution will protect the uptime, availability and performance of web applications. Therefore, will help maximise customer transactions and safeguard brand reputation through customisable access rules during spikes in traffic.