Discover Cloud Native Protection and Portability at Scale

Discover Cloud Native Protection and Portability at Scale

Jan 3, 2023

Most enterprises today are running containerized applications in distributed environments (meaning their architecture uses a combination of cloud, core and edge resources).

While distributed environments are beneficial for things like speed, efficiency and cost, they work best when data can freely and easily move between them. This can make it difficult for organizations to execute disaster recovery and migrations for their cloud-native applications at scale.

Join Trilio for an inside look at Continuous Restore, a groundbreaking new capability that allows for seamless migration, replication and restoration of application data and metadata across any storage, cloud or Kubernetes distribution.

During this webinar and demo, you will learn how Continuous Restore can help you:

  • Dramatically improve recovery time objective (RTO) and other key resiliency metrics
  • Efficiently recover from outages while minimizing data loss in minutes (or even seconds!)
  • Save money by taking full advantage of your distributed environment
  • Improve your CI/CD pipeline
  • Unify your infrastructure and break down silos by allowing your cloud-native applications to move seamlessly through your distributed environment