Backup your OpenShift Virtualization VMs with Trilio (With Audio)

Backup your OpenShift Virtualization VMs with Trilio (With Audio)

Oct 9, 2023

Use the Trilio UI to Backup your OpenShift Virtualization Virtual Machines.

In this video we will show you how to backup individual virtual machines from OpenShift using Trilio.

First we are going to log in to the Trilio User Interface using our OpenShift credentials.

Trilio has a Backup Wizard that allows you to select your individual VMs that you have access to in your cluster.

We’ll select this Virtual Machine and click Next.

As this is the first time we are backing up this VM, we are going to create a backup plan that allows you to select what we’re backing up, where we’re backing things up to for this plan, and set any scheduling policies if required. For the purpose of this demo we aren’t going to create any schedules for this VM.

We don’t need to have this VM continually available for restore on a second cluster, so we will skip Trilio’s Continuous Restore feature and click Create.

This has created a new policy, which we will now use to backup the VM

As we’re executing this manually, we’ll input a name for this backup here and click on the Create Backup button.

A backup of this VM now takes just a few short minutes using Trilio.