Detectify expands coverage for public APIs (in development)

Detectify expands coverage for public APIs (in development)

Our security researchers happen to be talented bug bounty hunters as well as the brains behind of Detectify's efforts to develop a leading-edge API security scanner.

Why is developing a reliable API security tool so challenging? It's because every API is different, which means it’s challenging to have a standardized approach to security testing on APIs.

Almroth states that the team will focus on developing an API security scanner that focuses on server-side vulnerabilities. Both share that this is going to use fuzzing techniques.

Detectify is expanding its web app fuzzing engine to scan public-facing APIs for vulnerabilities. Earlier in the year, we released a new fuzzing engine, and it was developed with API scanning in mind. In Fall 2021, we will roll out open beta testing. You can register for Detectify API fuzzer updates and beta testing program over at

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