Create AWS Honeytokens easily to catch hackers

Create AWS Honeytokens easily to catch hackers

learn how to create AWS Honey Tokens that alert you when someone attempts to use them. Honey tokens are API or access keys that are real but harmless and can be used as an early warning system to know when an intruder has made it into your system. In this video, we run through the simple steps to be able. to create your very own AWS Honey Tokens using an open-source project and all your own infrastructure.

Helpful Links:
Step-by-step tutorial -
GGCanary GitHub Project -
AWS CLI tool -
Install terraform -
Install JQ -

0:00 - What are Honey Tokens?

1:16 - Helpful links

1:33 - What is GGCanary?

1:57 - Clone GGCanary locally

2:33 - Creating AWS User

05:25 - Setting up AWS profile locally

07:40 - Editing file

09:23 - Creating terraform.tfvars file

11:29 - Creating Slack channel

12:05 - Creating Slack webhook

12:44 - Creating Honeytoken names and tags

14:29 - Installing terraform

14:45 - Installing JQ

14:56 - Setting up GGCanary

15:40 - Creating terraform backend with AWS

18:00 - Generating Honeytokens with GGCanary

19:15 - Testing GGCanary Honeytoken keys

20:15 - Where do we put Honey Tokens?

21:09 - Leaking Honey Tokens on GitHub!