In the Clouds: Risk Management with Molly Mullinger and Abheer Bipin

In the Clouds: Risk Management with Molly Mullinger and Abheer Bipin

Molly Mullinger, Director of Product Solutions, and Abheer Bipin, Senior Product Manager, team up to tackle some hot topics regarding risk management.

Learn what they have to say about:
💭 Why companies should care about risk management
❌ Current issues with risk management practices and solutions
🔮 Where they see the future of risk management heading
⏩ How teams can start paving the way forward

Video Chapters:

0:00 Intro - Meet the subject matter experts!

1:37 What is risk management?

3:35 Why should companies care about risk management?

5:30 Who is requiring risk management?

7:34 How are companies performing risk assessments today?

10:20 How will risk management evolve in the future?

12:36 What's the best way to get started with risk management?

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