Cloud Security Reimagined | Stop Breaches

Cloud Security Reimagined | Stop Breaches

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With the growth in cloud and the need for speed and agility in today’s digital business it’s vital to have a cloud security solution that goes beyond simply detecting threats leaving you to do all the work. At CrowdStrike we take an adversary approach and we stop breaches, while eliminating shadow IT, reducing complexity and actually securing the cloud infrastructure, apps and data across any cloud.

Built on an extensible cloud platform and security expertise, the CrowdStrike cloud security solutions integrate MITRE framework, compliance standards and threat intelligence to deliver context, visibility and advanced security consistency across endpoints and workloads like no other vendor. Gain full visibility and control across all clouds and applications. Build securely, accelerate application delivery and time to market. Automate security across the entire application lifecycle and improve security without compromising performance.

At CrowdStrike we stop breaches.

We are cloud security, we are CrowdStrike.