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CrowdStrike Falcon LogScale Demo

We've always said, "You don’t have a malware problem, you have an adversary problem." Watch to find out how to detect, investigate and hunt for advanced adversaries with Falcon LogScale. You'll see firsthand how Falcon LogScale accelerates security operations to stop breaches with petabyte-scale log management and lightning-fast search that's up to 150x faster than traditional SIEMs.

Falcon Cloud Security Attack Path Analysis: Demo Drill Down

It’s a race with the adversary to close every gap they’re using to break in, which starts with unified visibility of their attack path - from endpoint to cloud. See how Falcon Cloud Security’s Attack Path Analysis automatically stitches together the complete trajectory of an adversary, cutting investigation and response time.

Falcon Cloud Security IaC Scanning: Demo Drill Down

Infrastructure-as-code can introduce fundamental risks into your cloud estate. If there’s a misconfiguration or vulnerability, they’ll now be present in every application. See how Falcon Cloud Security’s IaC scanning proactively stops misconfigurations and vulnerabilities from being introduced in the first place.