Case Study: Insider Attacks Before and After LogSentinel SIEM

Case Study: Insider Attacks Before and After LogSentinel SIEM

Insider attacks were the #1 vulnerability type in 2018 according to Verizon's 2018 Data Breach Investigation Report. Here, we explore how these insider attacks could have been prevented with the right security monitoring tools.

00:00 Intro: Insider Threats

00:05 When would malicious actors usually log in to steal data

00:09 what credentials do malicious actors use

00:15 deleting logs

00:18 selling data to third parties

00:20 Forensics issues that might occur

00:37 How LogSentinel SIEM can prevent such internal breaches?

00:44 Automatic Threat detection

00:50 Immutable audit trail

01:00 Blockchain-based protection

01:10 Correlation rules between logs and actions

01:20 Investigating malicious actors

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LogSentinel SIEM is an easy-to-use next-gen #SIEM system that helps its customers to reduce the time and cost of incident detection, investigation, and response by over 90%. By leveraging the latest technologies like blockchain and machine learning, it enables security teams to eliminate their blind spots and prevent any security incident in real-time.

LogSentinel SIEM offers predictable pricing, based on the number of active users, rather than fluctuating metrics like data volume or events per second. This together with its unparalleled ease of use and flexibility helps organizations of all sizes improve their security posture giving them a SIEM they can afford and manage effectively.

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