Calico and K8s Network Policies - An Overview and Comparison

Calico and K8s Network Policies - An Overview and Comparison

Oct 6, 2020

In an age where attackers are becoming more and more sophisticated, network security as a line of defense is more important than ever. Network Policy is the primary tool for securing a Kubernetes network. It allows you to easily restrict the network traffic in your cluster so only the traffic that you want to flow is allowed.

In this training session, we will go over the core concepts in Kubernetes Network Policies and Calico Network Policies. Compare and contrast between the two models, and highlight when to use one versus the other.

By the end of the session you will know:

  • How Kubernetes Network Policy enables applications to declare segmentation controls to restrict access to authorized workloads.
  • The additional features Calico Network Policy adds and the real world use cases where you would want to use these.
  • How Calico provides a scalable implementation of Network Policy that is proven in very large-scale production deployments, yet simple to use and operate.

A Calico Enterprise trial is available after this session and you will be able to practice these use cases on your own within a hosted lab.