Artificial Engagement & Ad Fraud | Cybersecurity Sessions #4

Artificial Engagement & Ad Fraud | Cybersecurity Sessions #4

Feb 10, 2022

In this month’s episode, we’re talking about ad fraud and the role bots play in this lucrative space. Marketers care intensely about engagement and pay advertisers good money to get it, but how do they know they aren’t paying for visits from malicious bots? And what other kinds of harm do ad fraud bots cause businesses as a result?

To find out, Andy invites Beacon’s Stewart Boutcher onto the Cybersecurity Sessions. As two CTOs focused on tackling bots, but from different perspectives, Andy and Stewart find plenty to discuss!

Stewart Boutcher, CTO & Data Lead at Beacon

Stewart has been engaged in the technology sector at a senior project manager and board level since 1995. Complementary to his position as CTO and Data Lead at Beacon, Stewart is a member of DMA North Council, leading its ‘Artificial Engagement’ project. He is also Digital Project Lead supporting the important work done by the UK Police Memorial.

Key points

  • The winners and losers of digital ad fraud
  • Why marketers can’t rely on ad networks to solve the bot problem
  • How bot traffic pollutes data, steals customers, and skews decision making
  • How the demise of third-party cookies will impact artificial customer profiling by bots

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