AI in Cybersecurity - A Double-Edged Sword | Cybersecurity Sessions #7 with Elaine K. Lee

AI in Cybersecurity - A Double-Edged Sword | Cybersecurity Sessions #7 with Elaine K. Lee

May 5, 2022

It’s likely that we encounter artificial intelligence more often than we realize. Just as AI can be used to facilitate fraud and spread misinformation via deepfakes and sophisticated identity theft, it can also be used to develop algorithms that detect cyber-attacks in the blink of an eye.

In this episode of the Cybersecurity Sessions, Andy is joined by Elaine Lee (Data Scientist, Mimecast) to delve into the benefits and risks of AI in cybersecurity, examining how artificial intelligence can be used both as an offensive weapon by adversaries and by security teams to defend against attacks.

Elaine Lee, Data Scientist at Mimecast
Elaine has worked in industries ranging from government, healthcare, and now cybersecurity with Mimecast, thanks to her math degree, which has been her passport to many exciting opportunities. She enjoys methodical problem solving and believes that solutions can always be found in the data.

Mimecast is a cloud-based, anti-spam and archive filtering service for securing email accounts and communications for businesses. Listen to Mimecast’s podcast Phishy Business, available on Spotify.

Key points

  • Why AI adoption is rapidly increasing across industries
  • How AI is being used to make fraud more sophisticated and widespread
  • The cybersecurity defenses built using AI and machine learning algorithms
  • The role of humans to supervise and keep AI controlled in the future

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