TrustCloud Business Intelligence Dashboards Empower CISOs to Present Financial Impact of Risk, Security, and Compliance Program to Board of Directors

TrustCloud Business Intelligence Dashboards Empower CISOs to Present Financial Impact of Risk, Security, and Compliance Program to Board of Directors

Boston MA—September 27, 2023—TrustCloud™, the Trust Assurance platform that uses AI to upgrade GRC into a profit center, announced today the launch of TrustCloud Business Intelligence, a suite of dashboards and reports that equip GRC and Security leaders to track and share the business, risk, and financial impact of their trust programs.

TrustCloud Business Intelligence pulls in real-time data from TrustCloud’s compliance readiness, risk management, and security review applications and quantifies status and outcomes in easily digestible and shareable dashboards, so GRC and Security professionals can monitor the health of their GRC program, see their impact on revenue, and quickly align leaders when making a case for new budget requests. This suite of real-time business intelligence analytics and dashboards is available to all TrustCloud customers today.

CISOs face a number of challenges when trying to demonstrate their business impact and request budget: connecting their team’s activities to metrics leadership cares about like revenue, collecting relevant data from direct reports and colleagues on other teams, and unifying disparate projects and systems into a cohesive status update. For these reasons, GRC and InfoSec functions are often misunderstood and assumed to be cost centers. TrustCloud Business Intelligence is thoughtfully designed to meet the reporting needs of CISOs, and bridge the gap between practitioners and executives by tying GRC outcomes to their business and revenue impact. 

TrustCloud Business Intelligence helps CISOs & GRC leaders:

  • Build alignment with their board of directors: TrustCloud BI translates risks to financial impact so CISOs can clearly present data to justify the business case for new or additional budget requests to address, manage, or mitigate risks and liability.
    • KPIs to reduce financial liability:
      • Residual financial impact over time
      • Financial impact vs. budget
      • Risk severity and financials by category and groups
  • Prove their impact on revenue: A strong GRC and Security program should be a revenue enabler for its organization. Now CISOs can prove the impact their work has on the acquisition process.
    • KPIs to prove revenue impact:
      • Revenue and opportunities accelerated
      • Traffic and interactions within the company trust portal
      • Most frequently viewed artifacts
      • Security review turnaround time over time
  • Track the health and progress of Governance and Compliance programs: CISOs have to have a grasp on the current state of their programs to make a strategic plan that will meet the needs of their business throughout its growth journey. BI gives CISOs what they need to understand their current state and see the gaps keeping them from their desired future.
    • Governance and Compliance KPIs:
      • Control, policy, and system status
      • Program gaps and recommended actions
      • Prioritized tasks
      • Audit readiness and gaps toward additional frameworks 
      • Governance by group

“Everyone wants a secure environment that thoroughly protects their company and customers, but showing how to get there and why it requires investment isn’t always straightforward,” said Myke Lyons, CISO at Snyk. “Now, with TrustCloud Business Intelligence, it is. In a single click, I can see the health of our programs, understand where we need to take action, and actually show leadership our business impact in their favorite language: revenue. TrustCloud Business Intelligence helps CISOs justify the investments we make into GRC and showcase how our teams create value for Snyk’s business.” 

“TrustCloud is empowering GRC leaders to upgrade GRC into a profit center through AI and applications designed to maximize operational efficiency, accelerate revenue and security reviews, and minimize financial liability,” said Sravish Sridhar, CEO and Founder of TrustCloud. “Now, TrustCloud Business Intelligence will equip these champions of trust to tell their story and prove impact to colleagues, leadership and board members. I’m so proud to usher in an era where GRC and GRC leaders will be recognized for their value and positive impact to their organizations.”

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