Tanium launches new suite of products and features

Tanium launches new suite of products and features

By Tanium
Sep 26, 2023
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Tanium, the industry's only provider of converged endpoint management (XEM), today unveils Tanium Investigate, a single solution that creates faster and more accurate incident investigations, pivots seamlessly to incident response, and dramatically improves time to remediate.

The average IT outage, usually caused by human error, costs an enterprise $9,000+ per minute or $500,000+ per hour. And those are just the immediate costs. Organisations must prevent these outages, but many are stuck jumping from tool to tool when an incident hits, wasting valuable time.

Tanium Investigate solves this by:

  • Collecting all relevant IT Ops and Security data needed for an investigation
  • Providing historical and real-time endpoint data to enrich the investigation
  • Rendering data in a way that yields powerful insights and actionable next steps
  • Providing a shared workspace where users can collaborate
  • Integrating with ServiceNow to guide helpdesk users into the investigation
  • Pivoting seamlessly to remote, scalable, real-time remediation actions

As well as Tanium Investigate, Tanium has launched new features for Tanium Digital Employee Experience (DEX). Custom automated self-healing and user sentiment reporting for DEX can automatically resolve digital experience issues, measure, and track employee sentiment, and maintain uptime. 

Plus, the entire Tanium platform is getting a big upgrade to deliver more data than ever at higher speeds. Users can now monitor and manage any endpoint in half as many clicks.

To learn more about Tanium's new suite of products and features, click here