The Role of Project Managers in Boosting Your Startup's Productivity

The Role of Project Managers in Boosting Your Startup's Productivity

Enlisting the support of developers with appropriate hard skills is only one-tenth of the guarantee that the project will be successful. In particular, the vast majority of startups fail not because of problems with marketing or insufficient funding, but because all team members either act separately or follow the wrong strategy. Fixing this problem is quite simple - in fact, this is what will be discussed further.

What Is Your Optimal Scenario?

In fact, the secret to success is simple - you need a project manager with experience in the industry in which you are going to launch your startup. And you can find such a specialist from contractors who provide software design services. The fact is that many teams follow the wrong path by appointing the most experienced developer as a manager, or this position is occupied by the project owner himself. 

Unfortunately, neither option in most cases brings the desired results: in the first case, you simply get a universal expert who is unlikely to be able to go beyond his own, albeit extensive, but still limiting skills; in the second case, the team will be led by a person whose specialization will be at most indirectly related to the development of startup software and thus they will lack the necessary competence to select the optimal technologies and tools.

At the same time, an urgent search for a manager for a team, which is a typical situation for a software startup that values every minute that takes it away from the launch, can become a real challenge, especially for teams considering only local cooperation. What to do in such a situation? The answer is simple - go beyond your prejudices and consider outstaffing. In this case, a company that provides software development for startups services will find you the most suitable specialist in its talent pool within just a couple of weeks (or even earlier). 

What Other Benefits Do You Receive?

In addition to quickly staffing your team with a senior management specialist, when you resort to outstaffing, you also receive several advantages.

Lower rates

Since for successful startup product development, you have the opportunity to collaborate with a project manager remotely, you can choose a suitable one from a country where the average market rates in the IT sector are significantly lower than those that are typical for your region. 

Experience working on projects similar to yours

No matter how non-trivial the idea of your startup is, there are probably already people in the world who have dealt with something similar. And outstaffing can help you in the startup development process.

The ability to painlessly terminate cooperation at the end of the project

Specialists aimed at local employment usually look for long-term projects. In turn, hiring a project manager for startup software development using the outstaffing model removes these restrictions from you and your future contractors, which means your opportunities for cooperation will be much more extensive.

No need for official employment and no associated hassle

Finally, local employment of even one person always means setting up one workplace and also a lot of resource-intensive hassles associated with calculating taxes, vacation leave, sick leave, and so on. You can easily save yourself from these unnecessary actions by hiring a remote specialist for the period necessary to launch your startup.

Final Thoughts

We hope that we have expanded your ideas about what the composition of your software development startup team should be and also provided new options for quickly scaling it. In particular, if you are considering outstaffing to hire a seasoned project manager with experience in your niche, please get in touch with us. We have an extensive portfolio in the field of creating software for startups and a wide pool of talent, which will allow us to collaborate fruitfully.