Pre-Developed Intranet HTML Website Templates for Launching Your Web Project

Pre-Developed Intranet HTML Website Templates for Launching Your Web Project

Developing websites with ready-made templates is a progressive method that is persistently replacing the classical approach to crafting web projects. These days, the market provides numerous options to choose the perfect pre-developed foundation to create a website. For example, you can find high-quality intranet HTML website templates in the rich TemplateMonster marketplace catalog.

It is important to consider the credibility of digital goods sellers since their reliability is your future web project quality guarantee. TemplateMonster is a market leader and offers favorable purchasing conditions, such as reasonable prices, free technical support, and a wide range of additional products and services to improve your website. Whatever, let's take a look at the quick review of the pre-crafted intranet HTML templates before you make the final purchasing decision.

What are Intranet HTML Templates?

Ready-made designs created with HTML (HyperText Markup Language) are the industry standard for quality. HTML is a powerful tool for developing high-quality, well-structured websites. HyperText Markup Language is usually combined with CSS and JavaScript files, which allows developers to implement any feature on web pages. Another advantage of HTML designs is easy integration with popular content management systems or server-side programming languages, such as PHP or Python.

What Benefits You Get with Intranet HTML Website Templates

Here's an overview of some advantages of choosing pre-crafted website designs that make them more attractive than developing custom projects.

Quick Web Project Launch

The first thing you need to know about templates is their concept. The main purpose of their creation is to speed up the website's launching process due to their complete readiness for adding content. Design packages always contain a set of pages, which makes the website launch 75% faster. The remaining 25% of your time remains to be spent on finding hosting and creating content.

Reasonable Price

The price tag for creating a web resource from scratch can sometimes be estimated to hundreds or thousands of dollars. It depends on the number of pages you need, the complexity of creating user interface elements, and different design solutions, animations, etc. Not every business, especially when it comes to startups, can afford to pay for the services of an IT specialist, so templates become the best option. Their average cost usually ranges from $20 to $150, depending on the niche.

Professional Design

The main feature of ready-made layouts, highly valued by the owners of template-based websites, is stylish, consistent, feature-rich, and elegant design. Typical characteristics of professional themes are a well-organized visual hierarchy, intuitive navigation, a rich UI kit, harmonious composition, and minimalism. Other vital aspects are the correct color palette, suitable fonts, high-quality graphics and typography, overall atmosphere, and balance of proportions.

Easy Customization

The concept of ready-made themes makes them easy to customize. Here, you have several options. In the first case, you can choose a theme compatible with a popular CMS, such as WordPress, and install it on the platform. WordPress, in turn, offers options for customization and plugins for editing, which does not require coding skills. In the second case, you are free to edit the code files. This is easy to do by following YouTube tutorials and using such instruments as Visual Studio Code combined with GitHub Desktop functionality.

Intranet HTML Templates Features

Among the numerous technical characteristics of HTML themes, three must-haves are a springboard for rapid online project development.

Responsive Layout

Optimized HTML design code allows pages to be displayed correctly on screens of any resolution. Users expect a pleasant Internet surfing experience when visiting every web resource. So, you better choose responsive themes to meet your audience's expectations. Developers create designs to ensure a high-quality display of each layout object on smartphones, tablets, and PCs.


It is impossible to succeed in the super-competitive online arena if your website is invisible to search engines. Ensuring high rankings in search results is your number 1 goal in achieving your goals as part of your marketing strategy. Therefore, it is better to build a website on an SEO-friendly foundation to supplement such features as fast loading speed, friendly URL, and semantically valid code with other SEO practices.


If you want your website to not only perform fast and error-free but also look good, you better opt for a Retina-ready intranet HTML website template. What are their advantages? They have code that automatically optimizes everything the user sees for correct display on high-resolution screens. This applies to images, videos, SVG graphics, text, typography, illustrations, animations, etc.

Why Choose Intranet HTML Templates from TemplateMonster

Many digital stores and freelance exchanges are offering ready-made designs for sale. However, not all of them have a reliable reputation. Here are a few reasons to at least visit the TemplateMonster marketplace and check out the range of intranet HTML website templates.

  1. The company has millions of customers who regularly leave reviews and ratings for digital products. You can verify this by checking product pages with a lot of sales.
  2. The marketplace takes care of customers offering free technical support for 6 months after purchasing any premium product. During this period, you can contact the manager with any technical questions.
  3. The company delivers competitive discounts and a MonsterONE subscription system with three plans to choose from for unlimited downloads of products with total prices exceeding $500,000.
  4. There are numerous additional digital products, such as graphics, 3D models, plugins, and logo templates to modernize and improve your online project.
  5. Each design is updated regularly, so once you purchase it, you get all updates free in perpetuity.

Conclusion: How to Pick Up a Perfect Intranet HTML Template

To summarize, let's highlight several main criteria to pay attention to when purchasing HTML design.

  1. First, decide where your ideal place is to choose a template. Remember that a retailer of digital goods must have a good reputation and highly appreciate its customers. The best option is the existence of such offers as hosting or additional services.
  2. The second step is choosing the niche for which the theme is designed. Please note that most default images are used for demos only, so almost all designs are multi-purpose.
  3. The third stage is an overview of the design and technical characteristics. Here, you need to take into account such aspects as compliance of the theme's appearance with the latest trends and industry standards and the presence of such features as responsive layout, SEO-friendly code, Retina-readiness, rich UI kit, intuitive navigation, extra plugins, admin panel if needed, etc.

Buying a ready-made template is an excellent investment in the further success of your business development. Therefore, it is extremely important to devote enough time to finding your ideal high-quality, and reliable foundation to boost your online presence.