Netacea launches global partner programme

Netacea launches global partner programme

Manchester, 9th December 2020Netacea, the bot detection and mitigation specialists, has today launched its partner programme. Netacea is working with managed security and managed services providers to implement an entry level product with basic protection across their platforms. The partnership gives businesses the ability to protect their customers from malicious bots without the need for training or integration.

The programme will see Netacea work with providers that are looking to offer a more complete security solution, with the partner acting as referrer while Netacea provides the technology and works directly with the customer to implement the solution. Unlike a reseller relationship, there will be no expectation on the provider to offer support, beyond basic first-line tech support if appropriate.

This approach to partnerships will help give Netacea a global reach and meet the expectations of different customers around the world. Many customers don’t want to take on security providers piecemeal but want their provider to take care of everything. Meanwhile general security providers need to work with specialists to satisfy specific vertical demands—but don’t want to spend time integrating this into their main offering.

By building a programme that is part referral, part partnership, Netacea is offering opportunities to upsell and increase revenue, without the added burden of training and integration.

“The bot mitigation we offer is increasingly necessary in many sectors as businesses find that simple rules-based solutions are no longer sophisticated enough to keep out attackers,” said Andy Still, CTO, Netacea. “But bot mitigation needs to be considered as a fundamental part of a web security strategy. It makes sense for us to work with providers that have established relationships—we’re not looking to replace them, but supplement what they are already offering.”

thinkTribe is a web performance and load testing specialist that already partners with Netacea, and their work together has created the template for the partner programme. “Working with Netacea made complete sense as we already had customers in common, had worked together for those customers, and understood how our products and expertise complement each other,” said Tom Challinor, Strategic Account & Partnership Manager, thinkTribe. “When we identify problems that customers face, we want to be able to solve them. Partnering with Netacea means that when our customers face a bot problem, we know just the people to call.”

Recent research released by Netacea found that many businesses, while aware of the problem of bots, underestimate the problem. Businesses revealed that around 15% of their web application resources were taken up by bots—but with over half of web traffic today generated by bots, that meant that many were unaware of a great deal of the bot traffic on their sites.

Bots can be used to takeover customer accounts, check the validity of stolen credit card details, scrape content from sites and more. While simple rules and web application firewalls can limit the most basic attacks, more sophisticated bots are increasingly common and can easily get around these rules. Netacea’s smarter approach works by accurately identifying bots and their intent, and prioritising human users.

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Netacea, a bot detection and mitigation platform, takes a smarter approach to bot management and is a recognised leader for its innovative use of threat intelligence and machine learning. Netacea’s Intent Analytics™ engine analyses web and API logs in near real-time to identify and mitigate bot threats. This unique approach provides businesses with transparent, actionable threat intelligence that empowers them to make informed decisions about their traffic.

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