Netacea launches bot intelligence service

Netacea launches bot intelligence service

Manchester, UK – 2nd November 2022Netacea, the bot detection and mitigation specialist and provider of the world's first agentless threat detection platform, today announces the launch of its Business Logic Intelligence Service (BLIS). This will give Netacea's customers intelligence based on Netacea's ongoing research and experience—including analysis of dark web forums and bot marketplaces—for actionable insight into malicious bot activity.

BLIS is a tiered paid-for service providing access to research, monitoring and analysis that will give businesses the edge against attackers. It will offer, depending on tier, regular in-depth bespoke reporting, ongoing monitoring of forums, insight into specific threat groups and a Netacea threat researcher integrated with a customer's security team, among other benefits.

The launch is supported by Netacea's Threat Insight Report, a free and automated service with intelligence on scalper bots, gift card fraud and account takeover attacks, giving businesses an introduction to the threats they face and who is targeting them.

BLIS and the Threat Insight Report were developed following many requests from customers for actionable intelligence alongside Netacea's software-based bot mitigation. In the past, Netacea has worked with customers to infiltrate bot groups and uncover their targets and secrets. This work has included reverse-engineering pre-release tools being used to target customer accounts, uncovering training manuals used to successfully enact refund fraud, and tracking criminal activities—including collating evidence to use in criminal investigations.

In such cases Netacea experts tracked the development of new malicious bots, ensuring the customer was aware and putting defences in place ahead of release. When released, not only did the bots fail to work, wasting months of work, but the developer's reputation was damaged. This is just one example of how BLIS enables those businesses that want to go beyond using software to better understand and repel bots, to work with Netacea's team of bot experts.

Our recent research into how businesses are responding to bot attacks found that such attacks are going undiscovered for an average of 16 weeks, and that most businesses do not understand what tools are effective against bots or who is behind bot attacks. This holiday season will likely see an increase in activity—scalper bots reselling in-demand consumer goods, for example, and loyalty point fraud thanks to consumers hoarding points for spending at the end of the year. The end of the year is likely to see an increase in gift card bots, a relatively new attack where attackers generate and enter potential gift card numbers to identify successful combinations.

Retailers have reported that their web traffic has increased almost tenfold as a result of such attacks.

"Netacea's software is built on a deep understanding of the threat landscape, based on ongoing research into the groups behind these threats by specialised professionals," said Andy Lole, CTO, Netacea. "All of this research informs our bot mitigation, but it also means we have extensive intelligence on exactly how these groups are targeting our customers. BLIS is a way to share this knowledge and go beyond software, helping businesses understand the enemy."

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