Endace and Kemp Technologies Partner to Provide Security and Network Teams with Deep Network Visibility

Endace and Kemp Technologies Partner to Provide Security and Network Teams with Deep Network Visibility

By Endace
Aug 24, 2021
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London, UK – August 24, 2021 – Packet capture authority, Endace, and network intelligence and application experience [AX] leader, Kemp Technologies, today announced a technology partnership to help security, network and application teams dramatically reduce network investigation and incident response times while improving accuracy.

The enhanced network flow metadata generation and intelligent traffic monitoring that Kemp's Flowmon Probes provide now integrates with the EndaceProbe's definitive, packet-level forensics. Security, network and application teams can accelerate investigation and resolution of incidents and threats by combining rich metadata, intelligent traffic monitoring and a complete packet-level history of network activity.

Kemp's Flowmon Probe generates intelligent network flow data and telemetry by analyzing network traffic. Kemp's Flowmon Collector aggregates this metadata and displays it in the Kemp Flowmon Monitoring Center and Anomaly Detection System (ADS) dashboards. Analysts can now examine detected security incidents using EndaceProbe's Pivot-to-Vision™ integration capability for a single click to focus on the related packets and analyze related traffic – such as lateral movement, command-and-control, or data exfiltration. In addition, Kemp's Flowmon Probes can be hosted on EndaceProbe hardware appliances, enabling customers to easily extend Kemp Flowmon visibility across EndaceProbe deployments without truck rolls or additional hardware deployments.

"Kemp Flowmon rich network flow data integrated with Endace's 100% accurate, always-on packet recording lets customers detect and respond to security and network threats more quickly, effectively and efficiently," said Pavel Minarík, CTO at Kemp Technologies.

See a demonstration of the integration here: https://www2.endace.com/flowmon-demo-pr

"The complete network evidence that Kemp Flowmon and EndaceProbes provide gives teams the full context they need to quickly and accurately determine the scope and severity of security threats. This insight enables our customers to prioritize and respond swiftly to the most threatening of cybersecurity events," said Stuart Wilson, CEO of Endace. "We are very pleased to welcome Kemp Technology into our Fusion Partner ecosystem."

For technical details, please read the Solution Brief.

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Endace specializes in high-speed, scalable packet capture for cybersecurity, network and application performance. The open, EndaceProbe Analytics Platform lets customers record a 100% accurate history of activity on their network and can host network security and performance monitoring tools that need to analyze real-time or historical traffic. Endace's Fusion Partners provide pre-built integration with the EndaceProbe platform to accelerate and streamline incident investigation and resolution.

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