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Driving Strategic Excellence in Cybersecurity with Sue Bergamo, CISO and CIO, BTE Partners

Welcome to the Data Security Decoded podcast, brought to you by Rubrik Zero Labs. Each episode features senior cybersecurity leaders and other luminaries with unique perspectives about the current state of data security. We explore rising trends and themes across cybersecurity and unpack what that means for organizations looking to secure their data and achieve cyber resilience.

The Impact of Ransomware on Hospitals and Patient Care with Hannah Neprash, PhD

NEWS: Cyber Security Decoded is now Data Security Decoded! In this episode of the podcast, our host and Head of Rubrik Zero Labs, Steve Stone, is joined by Dr. Hannah Neprash, a health economist whose research focuses on the delivery and financing of healthcare. Steve and Dr. Neprash discuss the findings in Rubrik Zero Labs' new report, “The State of Data Security: Measuring Your Data’s Risk,” and focus on the aspects of the report, specifically calling out the cyber threats and vulnerabilities facing healthcare organizations.

Shamane Tan on cyber resilience - Cyber Security Decoded

Bouncing back from a cyber incident, data breach or #ransomware attack is a great accomplishment…but how can you bounce forward? A complete Cyber Resilience strategy is mission-critical. Security teams should be proactive and have response plans in place for when #CyberAttacks hit, rather than attempting to prevent attacks from occurring. With a #CyberResilience strategy, your team will be equipped with a plan when a cyber incident occurs while also having tools to identify those malicious attacks before they happen.

Secure and Recover Your IBM AIX Data with Rubrik Security Cloud

Safeguard your critical business data on IBM AIX servers with Rubrik Security Cloud. This video guides you through securing your AIX environment using Rubrik's comprehensive data protection and cyber resilience solution. Key benefits you'll discover: Centralized Management: Gain unified visibility and control over your entire IT infrastructure, including cloud, on-premises, and SaaS workloads, from a single, intuitive Rubrik dashboard.

Shamane Tan on rising up - Cyber Security Decoded

Inspirational words from Shamane Tan on Cyber Security Decoded…as you climb your personal ladder to success, you should be your biggest cheerleader! There won’t always be someone there to recommend you for promotions or point you in the right direction. People come and go, and opportunities arise and vanish. That’s why in order to grow, whether it’s in the #CyberSecurity industry, the broader #Technology industry, or elsewhere, you must always be proactive in seeking out new ways to grow personally and professionally!

Shamane Tan on professional growth - Cyber Security Decoded

On Cyber Security Decoded, Shamane Tan reflects on those who have shown her support during her career, and emphasizes the importance of giving back to others who are just starting out in #CyberSecurity. If you’re getting started in the #technology industry, seeking out mentorship can be vital for your career and building a ladder. And if you’re a leader, giving back by sharing your experiences by those looking to find a career path can be very rewarding and contribute to the overall success and growth of your organization.

Find Lurking Threats Early with Rubrik Threat Monitoring

Your backup data hosts valuable information that can be used to identify potential attacks. In this demo, we will show you how Rubrik Threat Monitoring combines intelligence from third-party threat feeds with proprietary intelligence from Rubrik Zero Labs and Rubrik’s InfoSec team to automatically identify indicators of compromise (IOCs) within backup data.

Security & IT: Better Together!

PB & J 🥜… Bacon & Eggs 🍳… Mac & Cheese🧀… Movies & Popcorn 🍿… IT & Security 🔒! One of the hottest topics in #CyberSecurity is how organizations can bounce back from a #CyberAttack. The truth is, organizations must accept that it’s only a matter of time before their networks are breached by hackers. Fortunately, new tools like generative #AI can now be used to even the playing field when combatting #BadActors. 🤖

Shamane Tan on bouncing back - Cyber Security Decoded

With #data growing at an enormous rate and cyberattacks becoming widespread, a #CyberSecurity strategy based around preventing attacks just simply won’t cut it anymore. Prevention alone isn’t enough, so experts are emphasizing the importance of a strategy based on cyber resilience. In other words, it’s important to build a strategy that enables your team to identify threats from bad actors quickly so you can recover your data right away and bounce back.

Defending Your Critical Data With Rubrik & CrowdStrike Falcon LogScale

Your backup data hosts useful information that can be used to identify potential attacks. In this quick demo, we'll show you how easy it is to share insights from Rubrik Security Cloud with your Security Operations team to help detect, respond to and recover from cyberattacks.