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Netskope Demo - Safely Enable ChatGPT

Organizations are grappling with the decision to allow or block ChatGPT given the risk of leaking sensitive data. In this video, Bob Gilbert, VP of Security Cloud GTM Strategy and Chief Evangelist, demos how Netskope solutions can help your organization enable safe usage of tools like ChatGPT with active user coaching and data protection.

Netskope Modern DLP

"Netskope Modern DLP" sounds good. Description: Hybrid work and the upsurge in cloud adoption demand an updated approach to data protection, one that ensures your sensitive data stays protected anywhere it goes with high precision. Netskope modern data loss prevention (DLP) provides the highest degree of data protection efficacy, powered by machine learning, and is delivered from the cloud across all cloud services, all business communications and everywhere your users are.

Netskope IoT Security

Netskope IoT Security uncovers managed and unmanaged connected devices on both the radio and network spectrum and generates deep device-level contextual intelligence for device classification, asset management, dynamic risk assessment, segmentation, and access control, mitigating IoT-related threats and addressing the hidden attack surface created by the connected devices.