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Solving the SASE User Experience Challenge with Proactive Digital Experience Management (P-DEM)

In today’s era of digital transformation, organizations are rapidly shifting towards a distributed and dynamic digital infrastructure. This new reality is characterized by hybrid workforces, software as a service (SaaS), and cloud hosting. While this transformation brings numerous benefits, it also introduces significant challenges for IT organizations, particularly in terms of maintaining visibility over user experience and performance management.

How Vulnerability Can Make You a Victim on Valentine's Day

According to Netskope’s recent “Year in Review” Cloud and Threat Report, the most common way cyber attackers gained access to organisations in 2023 was through social engineering. While a favourite tactic of cyber criminals, at its heart, social engineering isn’t about someone breaking code while hunched over a glowing keyboard. It relies on individual human vulnerability, tricking people into opening the door for the attacker to walk through.

Defending Against OAuth App-Based Attacks on Enterprise SaaS

The phenomenal growth in the adoption of software as a service (SaaS) has prompted enterprises of all sizes to move their critical data to SaaS-based applications. And as attackers tend to follow data to induce a breach, their new area of focus is enterprise SaaS. The recent Midnight Blizzard attack by nation-state actors clearly reinforces the fact that this trend has only just begun.

Why Peering Relationships are Key to Providing a Phenomenal User Experience

One of the many benefits of running your own private cloud infrastructure are the performance improvements when you’re in control of your own connectivity, shortening the path and reducing latency for both users connecting to your private cloud and first mile connectivity to applications and services.

Cloud Threats Memo: Back to the Basics: New DarkGate Campaign Exploiting Microsoft Teams

DarkGate is a commodity malware with multiple features including the ability to download and execute files to memory, a hidden virtual network computing (HVNC) module, keylogging, information-stealing capabilities, and privilege escalation.

Can National Awareness Days Help Shift Attitudes To Internet Safety?

February brings a flurry of cybersecurity awareness days. On February 1st, Change Your Password Day reminded us that using “Rover123!” for yet another online account is not an appropriate defence between ourselves and cyber criminals, while yesterday—Safer Internet Day—encouraged us to take positive steps toward protecting ourselves online. But how long do these positive reminders last?

Emergency Response: Navigating Through the Ivanti VPN Crisis Together

Legacy VPNs have become a significant security liability for businesses and governments. VPNs require inbound access to corporate networks, significantly broadening the attack surface for malware. This makes them prime targets for threat actors, increasing the risk of disruption to your business.

Introducing Advanced Analytics Dashboard for Analyzing Corporate Devices

We are witnessing an explosion in the number, type, and mix of smart devices in our business environment, driven by mobility, remote work, and the adoption of digital transformation initiatives. However, these devices come with their own set of security risks and challenges, creating a larger attack surface to manage and control.