CyberArk: Identity Security Trailblazers

CyberArk: Identity Security Trailblazers


Join CyberArk for an upcoming Identity Security Trailblazer session to learn how visionary customers, like Brian Miller, CISO at Healthfirst, have successfully pioneered identity security within their healthcare organization, strengthening protections for more than 1.8 million members.

CyberArk understands that identity security is fundamental for building an effective cybersecurity infrastructure. A focus here helps CISOs and other cybersecurity leaders improve identity security posture and protect personal health information (PHI) – all while reducing costs.

Gain valuable insights for your organization as Brian Miller, CISO at Healthfirst and Amy Blackshaw, VP of Product Marketing at CyberArk highlight:

  • Seamless and secure access for all identities using SSO and MFA
  • Replacing multiple tools with a unified Identity Security platform
  • The importance of security within your organization
  • Protecting human, machine, and 3rd party identities
  • Protecting Personal Health Information (PHI)