Arctic Wolf: The True Cost of Alert Fatigue

Arctic Wolf: The True Cost of Alert Fatigue


Alert fatigue isn't just an inconvenience, it's a major risk to your security posture. From IT talent turnover, to wasted budget dollars, to missed incidents, constant noise may be leaving your organization unprotected and creating a false sense of security.

Join our upcoming webinar series to dive into the contributing factors and solutions leaders can implement to combat the effects of alert overload.

In these webinars, attendees will:

  • Learn more about the factors contributing to alert fatigue
  • Explore how an expanding cybersecurity tech landscape has created larger attack surfaces
  • Understand the unique challenges leaders face when hiring and retaining security talent
  • Gain insights into the current state of alert fatigue, tool overload and security preparedness across industries and regions
  • Receive actionable remedies to combat alert fatigue and achieve security peace of mind

“Many security teams have over-invested in a plethora of tools. As a result, they are also suffering from alert fatigue and multiple console complexity and facing the challenges in recruiting and retaining security operations analysts with the right set of skills and expertise to effectively use all those tools.” - Gartner