Women Talk Success in Security from 3 Perspectives | Panel

Women Talk Success in Security from 3 Perspectives | Panel

Embracing diversity is a key driver for success in today’s business world. As a young woman starting or developing her career in technology, you may find inspiration in hearing from other successful women. This live panel features 3 speakers from our R&D organization who will talk about their own career paths leading into security and will share tips and advice that they've learned along the way.


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Arctic Wolf® is the market leader in security operations. Using the cloud-native Arctic Wolf Platform, we help companies end cyber risk by providing security operations as a concierge service. Highly trained Concierge Security® experts work as an extension of an organization’s internal team to provide 24x7 monitoring, detection, and response and ongoing risk management to proactively protect systems and data while continually strengthening their security posture.

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