Why We Don't Charge Extra for Additional Logins

Why We Don't Charge Extra for Additional Logins

We charge 0$ for additional login at SecurityScorecard.

Here's why:

One of our company values is customer-centricity.

So we asked ourselves: "What's best for the customer?"

What's best for customers is to give logins to as many people in the organization as possible.

We want every team in the organization to benefit from the insights provided by the SecurityScorecards, including:

  • the procurement team,
  • the compliance team,
  • the security teams,
  • the finance team,
  • the legal team,
  • etc.

This way, everybody knows the risk of entering into a proof of concept engagement or signing a contract with a vendor or service provider.

That's why we do not charge anything extra for additional logins, and your costs don't change, whether you have 5 users on a platform or 100.


Customer centricity is not about saying that you do what is best for the customer.

Customer centricity is about doing.


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