Why MSPs Love vPenTest - Automated Pentesting Platform

Why MSPs Love vPenTest - Automated Pentesting Platform

vPenTest is a platform that makes automated network penetration testing easy, scalable, and lucrative for MSPs.


0:00 Intro

0:16 Why MSPs need automated and continuous pentesting

2:03 Platform capabilities and features

3:35 Partner Case Study: vPenTest vs Manual Pentesting Comparison

4:29 Six Reasons why MSPs love vPenTest

6:16 MSP Testimonials & Free Pentest Offer

6:48 How to Request Pricing and Sample Reports

Built for MSPs - vPenTest is the only SaaS platform that truly replicates manual network penetration testing. It’s not just a vulnerability scanner. It looks for sensitive data, performs exploits, conducts man-in-the-middle attacks, cracks password hashes, escalates privileges on the network, and even impersonates users to find sensitive data.

Automated and on-demand penetration testing is the future of proactively securing networks and systems.

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