What's new in UpGuard // Cyber Vendor Risk Management Product Releases

What's new in UpGuard // Cyber Vendor Risk Management Product Releases

Apr 28, 2023

Check out the latest product releases from UpGuard!

✅ To promote your security rating to your customers and partners, you can easily embed our score badge on your website, such as your footer, security policy page, or anywhere you currently display other certifications, scores and ratings.

✅ We’ve recently added a new feature to store Trust and Security page links against each vendor organization, making it quicker and easier for you to source and access publicly available security information to perform risk assessments.

✅ You can now group your domains together to simplify asset management, enforce access controls, and segment reporting with Asset Portfolios. Portfolios are flexible and configurable, allowing you to group assets however best supports your business—by region, business unit, or other internal structures.

For our full release notes, head to: https://upguard.com/releases

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