Vdoo & JFrog - Enhanced Security From Code To The Edge

Vdoo & JFrog - Enhanced Security From Code To The Edge

Jul 22, 2021

Join this webinar to learn more about JFrog’s announced acquisition of Vdoo!
JFrog & VDoo - Unifying Developers and Security Teams from Source to Device - https://jfrog.com/blog/jfrog-agrees-to-acquire-vdoo-to-unify-devsecops-from-source-to-device/

Together JFrog and Vdoo are the creators of a hybrid product security platform that automates multidimensional security tasks throughout the entire build and release cycle - and how JFrog and Vdoo plan to integrate their technologies to further the secure Liquid Software vision.

Imagine if you had access to streamlined, consolidated and comprehensive security data in one platform that helped developers and security teams identify and fix their most critical issues rapidly.

Companies are looking for a holistic process that secures binaries all the way to the edge, consolidates security data for efficient decision-making and an end-to-end delivery system with the highest integrity. Vdoo’s automated security technology includes a contextual threat analysis capability that allows prioritization of critical security gaps, fast mitigation and recommendations for issues that are exploitable at each step of the pipeline. Their technology also discovers and gives visibility into zero-day/new vulnerabilities, malware, exploits, back-doors, and other threats before they become public for both 1st-party and 3rd-party binaries. Vdoo has already proven this technology with tier-one vendors in automotive, industrial automation, medical, security, and other industries, and to date uncovered hundreds of new zero-day vulnerabilities using it's automated technology.

The agenda:
Introductions – Yoav, Nati and Asaf
The Increasing gap between Dev, Ops and Security teams
The common ground is ‘Production Binaries’
Overview of the JFrog Platform
“Shift-Left” with JFrog Xray
Why JFrog & Vdoo?
JFrog help create the binary, Vdoo secure the binary & the environment
Vdoo Technology, Use cases and Benefits
Integration Timeline