Using LogSentinel SIEM for Active Directory Security Monitoring

Using LogSentinel SIEM for Active Directory Security Monitoring

In this video, we will show you how easy and fast it is to monitor and secure #ActiveDirectory with LogSentinel SIEM.

🔷 Active Directory is a popular technology used in many organizations to handle their user management, authentication, and authorization. In fact, Active Directory is still the primary source of trust for identity and access for more than 90% of organizations.
🔷 Studies show that 80% of data breaches involve the use of compromised credentials. They serve as an entry point into an organization’s network and its valuable data. Without compromising corporate Active Directory credentials, a criminal can’t do anything.

In this video, you will learn:
00:04 What is an ActiveDirectory?
00:22 What are the Active Directory features?
00:48 Why is AD important from a cyber security standpoint?
01:10 What are the use cases for ActiveDirectory security monitoring?
02:47 How to set up LogSentinel SIEM for AD security monitoring?
03:19 How LogSentinel SIEM handles Active Directory security monitoring?

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