Using Arctic Wolf's Open Source Log4Shell Detection Script

Using Arctic Wolf's Open Source Log4Shell Detection Script

After successful deployment to Arctic Wolf’s customer community of more than 2,300 organizations worldwide, Arctic Wolf’s Log4Shell Deep Scan is now publicly available on GitHub.

Log4Shell Deep Scan enables detection of both CVE-2021-45046 and CVE-2021-44228 within nested JAR files, as well as WAR and EAR files.

This script—provided for both Windows and macOS/Linux devices—will conduct a deep scan of a host’s filesystem to identify Java applications and libraries with vulnerable Log4j code. When it identifies the existence of impacted Log4j code, the script will flag it and output its location within the host’s filesystem.

Watch this video from Arctic Wolf Product Marketing Manager Sule Tatar and Arctic Wolf’s Security Services Team to understand:

  • What CVE-2021-45046 is
  • Why we developed the Open Source Log4Shell Detection Script
  • How to run the script in Windows

Download Log4Shell Deep Scan here:

Revisit Arctic Wolf’s webinar covering the Log4j/Log4Shell vulnerability to get up to speed on the latest findings regarding this vulnerability here:

Topics covered include:

  • What Log4j - CVE-2021-44228 is
  • Why Log4j is so dangerous
  • How Arctic Wolf can help you overcome its challenges