Undetected E04, Tom Hudson - Hacking Things Back Together

Undetected E04, Tom Hudson - Hacking Things Back Together

There are many paths you can take to become a security professional. In this episode, host Laura Kankaala talks with Tom Hudson (aka @TomNomNom) about his learning journey with computers and hacking which began with him taking it all apart. Tom’s tinkering obsession introduced him to the world of hacking and bug bounty competitions. Besides chasing bugs, Tom is also passionate about passing on knowledge through his particular teaching style, and he discusses some of the common struggles of people who are just getting started with security, but also what are the kinds of questions are the good questions to ask along the way. Even though they are security experts, Tom and Laura still experience imposter syndrome, and together they exchange their best practices on how to manage and embrace the feelings of doubt to stay motivated.

Episode notes:

DEFCON: https://www.defcon.org/

Impostor Syndrome

Tom’s Youtube channel

Tom’s Github

Nahamsec: https://twitter.com/NahamSec

Host: Laura Kankaala - Security Researcher
Guest: Tom Hudson - Security Research Tech Lead at Detectify

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