Security Posture of the ASX 200 // Webinar

Security Posture of the ASX 200 // Webinar

Sep 7, 2021

Are Australian businesses prepared for cyberattacks? We assess the security posture of the ASX 200.

In our latest research, we assessed the scale of cyber risk in Australia by examining the ASX 200, the index of the top 200 public companies in Australia by market capitalization. Join Greg Pollock, VP Cyber Research, and Josh Kiff, VP Sales, as we explore the eye-opening findings, which includes:

  • 36.3% of companies surveyed had a live data leak in the past year,
  • Data leaks have increased by 25% in the ASX 200 since 2019,
  • Bigger companies are still more likely to have leaks compared to smaller companies
  • How certain industries are faring worse than others in terms of cybersecurity
  • Then, Greg and Josh will cover some best practices on how CISOs and security leaders can protect their business and prevent data breaches, including:
  • Implementing active security controls such as multifactor authentication and the principle of least privilege to protect your data
  • Continuously monitoring your security posture and for potential data leaks

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00:00 // Introductions

04:06 // Data Breach vs Data Leak

06:44 // How are data leaks discovered?

09:11 // How many companies had a data leak?

10:54 // Is the number of companies with leaks increasing?

12:35 // Are bigger companies more likely to have leaks?

15:32 // Industry breakdown

17:52 // What can you do?

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