SecureAPlus Premium Add-Ons

SecureAPlus Premium Add-Ons

Feb 24, 2021

Add-Ons for SecureAPlus Premium, it lets you beef up multi-PC management and Windows offline security with two new optional Add-Ons:

Policy Add-On gives access to policy creation which defines how SecureAPlus is configured which can then be rolled out via the SecureAPlus Portal to individual or groups of PCs.

It also gives you tools to maintain a central whitelist and implement a whitelist request approval system that can all be managed from the convenience of the SecureAPlus Portal.

Offline AV Powered by Avira gives Premium users access to a powerful anti-malware engine without being tethered to the internet. It's part of the core SecureAPlus application so you won't need to install another offline AV separately.