Secure and Recover Your IBM AIX Data with Rubrik Security Cloud

Secure and Recover Your IBM AIX Data with Rubrik Security Cloud

Apr 23, 2024

Safeguard your critical business data on IBM AIX servers with Rubrik Security Cloud. This video guides you through securing your AIX environment using Rubrik's comprehensive data protection and cyber resilience solution.

Key benefits you'll discover:

Centralized Management: Gain unified visibility and control over your entire IT infrastructure, including cloud, on-premises, and SaaS workloads, from a single, intuitive Rubrik dashboard. (Learn more:

Simplified Backups: Effortlessly set up and manage backups for your AIX systems with Rubrik's intuitive SLA engine. Define backup schedules, retention policies, and automate the entire data lifecycle for maximum efficiency. (Learn more:

Instant Recovery: Granular recovery options allow you to restore entire directories, individual files, or download specific data directly to your local machine in case of incidents. Minimize downtime and ensure business continuity. (Learn more:

Advanced Threat Detection & Prevention: Rubrik's built-in threat intelligence feeds and YARA rule capabilities proactively identify potential malware lurking in your backups. Harden your data security posture and prevent security breaches. (Learn more:

Data Security Posture Management (DSPM): Identify and address sensitive data at risk. Rubrik helps you locate data stored in non-compliant locations or with lax permissions, allowing you to take action and strengthen your overall data security posture. (Learn more:

  • Ensure the recoverability and security of your AIX systems. **Watch this video to learn how Rubrik Security Cloud can empower your business with:
  • AIX backup and recovery
  • Disaster recovery for AIX
  • IBM AIX data protection
  • Cloud-based AIX backup
  • AIX cyber resilience
  • AIX data security

Take control of your AIX data security today! Get hands on with Rubrik solutions here: