(SBOM) Creation of your Software Bill of Materials

(SBOM) Creation of your Software Bill of Materials

May 13, 2022

Because of growing software supply chain cyber-attacks and incidents like Log4J, tracking your Software Bill of Materials has become essential. It’s a list of the “ingredients” that make up a piece of software. To learn more: https://jfrog.com/start-free/

SBOMs are used by software producers to manage components, software buyers to assess security and compliance, and operators to monitor risks and threats.
SBOMs are required by military, and government agencies and will likely become the norm, especially in highly regulated industries.
Documenting and reporting your SBOM will become a universal best practice.

The JFrog DevOps Platform can automatically create the granular data required for an SBOM. Create a full view of all ingredients including the components within components, or transitive dependencies. JFrog scans the binary to generate SBOMs without needing access to source code supports SPDX and Cyclone DX industry-standard formats.

The time has come to devote more attention to the Software Bill of Materials and move it up on your list of DevSecOps priorities. Secure your software supply chain and feel confident you’re delivering trusted software. Find, fix, and fortify with JFrog, available self-hosted or in the cloud.