Preventing 'Unlimited' ATM Cash-out Attacks

Preventing 'Unlimited' ATM Cash-out Attacks

Sep 6, 2018

On August 10th, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a global fraud warning that an ‘unlimited’ ATM cash-out scheme was about to occur. While this did not stop criminals from making off with over $13.5 million USD from one bank in India, it did highlight the importance of early warning fraud systems and layered defense mechanisms.

Join Ugan Naidoo, INETCO's VP of Engineering and Services, as he discusses:

  • Why ‘unlimited’ ATM cash-out attacks are on the rise
  • How to layer your defense against malware installed on the host switch
  • What transaction anomalies and debit card behaviors to be on the lookout for

Key takeaways from this session include example fraud rules and real-time alerts that will protect against ‘unlimited’ ATM cash-out attacks.