The Need for More Cybersecurity Legislation

The Need for More Cybersecurity Legislation

In this video, Keith Christie-Smith shares his opinion on the current state of cybersecurity legislation and why he believes that more legislation is necessary. He argues that there are still many verticals where more legislation is needed and that organizations should be mandated to apply the most stringent cybersecurity policies and frameworks available. He also discusses the importance of organizations doing as much as possible from a cybersecurity perspective to protect themselves and their clients.

Watch the full video "Strengthening Cyber Security: The Impact of Compliance and Legislation"


Josh Davies
Josh Davies is a Product Manager at Fortra by Alert Logic. Formerly a Security Analyst and Solutions Architect, Josh has hands on experience in incident response and threat hunting activities before working with organisations to identify appropriate security solutions. Josh continues to be closely involved with security operations and threat research.

Keith Christie-Smith
Keith is a sales director with Claroty, covering the Government, Defence and Healthcare verticals. Keith has worked in the cyber security field for both vendors and resellers. He has been in cyber security for over a decade having worked in IT managed services for almost a decade beforehand.

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