Manually Installing LimaCharlie Net

Manually Installing LimaCharlie Net

This video walks through the manual installation of LimaCharlie Net.

LimaCharlie Net (lc-net) allows you to secure and monitor network access to your endpoints by providing advanced instrumented VPN access.

lc-net endpoints appear like other endpoints in your LimaCharlie deployment, but they're quite different in nature. These lc-net endpoints need to be provisioned to be accessed.

By provisioning an lc-net endpoint, you create a set of VPN credentials that can be used by a single device. One set of credentials should be used by only a single device, and not shared among devices.

Once connected, these devices will be able to connect to the internet by default. Connectivity and additional features that can be enabled by lc-net are defined using "policies".

Clients connected can access the internet, but they can also access each other based on the policies you define. This makes lc-net great to secure internal network services for access from specific devices, on premises, on the road, or from home.

The underlying technology used for VPN is called WireGuard. WireGuard is a next-generation VPN technology that is promoted for its simplicity, speed, and security.

Clients are available for Windows, Android, macOS, Linux, iOS and ChromeOS. Client configuration is done either through a QR code or a simple configuration file.

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