LimaCharlie: Security Infrastructure as a Service

LimaCharlie: Security Infrastructure as a Service

Full featured free tier of two agents. Try it today:

LimaCharlie provides cybersecurity tools and infrastructure on-demand in a way that scales. We call this approach Security Infrastructure as a Service.

It is a DevOps or engineering-centric approach to cybersecurity. A way of getting things done that would feel familiar to anybody that has worked with Amazon Web Services or any other major cloud provider.

There are no contracts and no minimums. Easily get what you want and only pay for what you use.

With just a few clicks you can spin up any number of pre-configured solutions by leveraging our infrastructure-as-code approach. Stuff like an EDR with comprehensive rule coverage OR a micro-segmentable SD-WAN rolled into a cloud service that can do full PCAP capture and monitor it with Zeek. We provide templates for a large number of common security solutions and are always ready to help you with your deployment if needed.

And like major cloud providers, you can also choose to build your own products on top of LimaCharlie.

We provide finely tunable pricing based on product usage in a transparent manner allowing you to leverage aspects of our technology to create your own products with healthy margins. We even have a marketplace where we can help you sell it.

LimaCharlie is 100% vendor-neutral - we do not play favorites. We are purely a technology company.

I promise you haven’t seen anything like it in cybersecurity. For technically mature teams it is like having superpowers.

But don’t take my word for it - go sign up for the full-featured free tier of two sensors so you can see for yourself.

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