LC101: Simplifying enterprise deployment

LC101: Simplifying enterprise deployment

LimaCharlie is a cybersecurity middleware platform to connect sources of security telemetry, automate activity based on what's being observed, and forward data where you need it. LimaCharlie puts you in complete control of your data, allowing you to build the security program that your organization wants and needs.

The value of the LimaCharlie is based on telemetry and insight into the various parts of the organization. The more telemetry, the better. However, how do we efficiently deploy LimaCharlie sensors at scale? In part four of our LC101 series, we’ll look at how to simplify enterprise deployment.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Package LimaCharlie up for easy Windows deployment
  • Leverage installation keys to quickly segment an enterprise environment
  • Use the LimaCharlie CLI/SDK to speed up deployment options

This is part four of our multi-part educational series, where we look at different ways to utilize the LimaCharlie platform. As always, our free tier lets you get started with LimaCharlie without entering in a credit card. We encourage you to follow along and learn how LimaCharlie can help you create the security program you’ve always wanted!