LC101: Extending the LimaCharlie platform

LC101: Extending the LimaCharlie platform

LimaCharlie is a cybersecurity middleware platform to connect sources of security telemetry, automate activity based on what's being observed, and forward data where you need it. LimaCharlie puts you in complete control of your data, allowing you to build the security program that your organization wants and needs.

As powerful as the LimaCharlie platform is, we recognize that sometimes analysts need to send data elsewhere, or integrate specific tools for security control testing and incident response. In Part 3 of our LC101 series, we’ll look at options for extending the LimaCharlie platform.

In this webinar, we’ll look at:

  • Utilizing LimaCharlie’s extensive output options to ship key data to any destination
  • Leveraging the LimaCharlie marketplace to add new capabilities to your Sensors
  • How to integrate API lookups and services to enrich your detection capabilities

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