Kubernetes & Tigera: Network Policies, Security, and Auditing

Kubernetes & Tigera: Network Policies, Security, and Auditing

Jul 19, 2019

Of course, Tigera’s ability to provide Kubernetes pod networking and facilitate service discovery is extremely valuable, but its real superpower is that both Tigera’s commercial offerings and open-source Tigera Calico can implement network security policies inside a Kubernetes cluster.

Most external network security operates at the perimeter or at the physical network layer of Kubernetes. Because Tigera runs inside Kubernetes, it can provide policy and security based on Kubernetes structures like namespaces and deployments.

In this webinar, Senior Technical Solutions Engineer with Tigera, Drew Oetzel, will show you examples of implementing these types of policies for several common security and compliance use cases.

He’ll also show you why implementing these types of security policies is so important to keeping your ever-expanding Kubernetes workloads secure.