How to Protect Your Cloud Assets from Being Cryptojacked

How to Protect Your Cloud Assets from Being Cryptojacked

May 17, 2024

Cryptojacking attacks have become the most prevalent type of attack on cloud native infrastructures. For example, in 2022, there were 139M cryptojacking attacks, but the following year there were over 1 billion! That translates to nearly 3M cryptojacking attacks every day, on average in 2023.

The reason these have become popular is that attackers begin to monetize immediately as their scripts are launched; they do not have to negotiate with companies over data ransom or other demands. In this video, we forensically analyze a cryptojacking attack that made cyber-news headlines, with a focus on identifying the attack vector and paths. Next we review some statistics that highlight now common the same vectors are in most organizations.

Finally, we demonstrate how Panoptica / Cisco Cloud Application Security can quickly and easily identify and protect our environments from cryptojacking attacks, using industry-leading features such as Attack Path Analysis and Smart Cloud Detection and Response (Smart CDR).

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