Getting Started using npm and Bytesafe

Getting Started using npm and Bytesafe

Dec 6, 2022

This video shows you how to use Python and Bytesafe to install secure packages.

You'll learn how to:

00:14 - Create a private Npm Firewall in Bytesafe

00:33 - Add as an Upstream

01:01 - Clear the local npm cache

01:13 - Login to Bytesafe and add an access token to the npm config file.npmrc

02:06 - Check the.npmrc configuration file

02:37 - Install an npm package from Bytesafe

03:44 - Check to see that the npm package has been scanned and added to Bytesafe

04:38 - Find information how to configure Bytesafe as the default npm registry

Npm in the Bytesafe docs:

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