Dive into the 2024 Brivo Top Security Trends Report with us!

Dive into the 2024 Brivo Top Security Trends Report with us!

May 3, 2024

Welcome to the 2024 Brivo Top Security Trends Report! In this video, we'll be discussing the key findings of our latest report, which focuses on the future of security in the era of technological transformation. 🌐

First up, we tackle tech integration and security concerns. Nearly 40% of respondents doubt their current systems' effectiveness. Maureen Perel, our Chief Revenue Officer, sheds light on the urgency to embrace integrated, cloud-based solutions. Imagine seamlessly linking HR and cybersecurity for enhanced resilience! 💻

Next, we explore AI's soaring expectations. While its potential is vast, realizing it demands skills and data. The report underscores the need for deep AI understanding and integration for security pros. 🤖

Lastly, we discuss the evolving role of CSOs. Despite challenges like limited budget, empowering them is crucial. The report emphasizes resource and autonomy for impactful decisions in navigating security's dynamic landscape. 🔒

Join us for insights and recommendations to stay ahead in today's security realm! Don't miss out on this essential analysis! 📈🔒✨ #SecurityTrends #AI #CSO #Brivo2024

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