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Seamlessly Migrate Your On-Prem Systems

“The momentum behind transitioning to the cloud is enormous,” Jason Kaveney, director of product management, Brivo Systems. As technology continues to advance, migrating to the cloud has become a strategic imperative for businesses aiming to enhance efficiency, scalability, and overall performance. Indeed, as organizations look to break down silos, gain a more holistic view of their data and embrace optimal user experiences, there has been a remarkable shift in focus to cloud-based models.

Secure Access as a Foundation of Architectural Design

On a global scale, security is becoming a principal foundation of architectural design. Whether it is a commercial building, residential complex, or even a public space, incorporating secure access systems and technology is a vital component of any initial blueprint. Secure access as a consideration in design is no longer limited to government buildings or offices. However, secure access also does not need to comprise a design aesthetic.

Healthcare Trends that Impact Physical and Digital Security

It is of critical importance for healthcare institutions to ensure the safety of medical personnel, patients, records, equipment, and facilities. This must be done with minimal disruption to the doctors and nurses who are administering care. As healthcare facilities review and upgrade their physical and digital security systems, here are key trends impacting future healthcare.

Threat Assessment: Connected Medical Devices

The terminology that describes medical devices and connected medical devices can be confusing. Let’s start by looking at how these devices are defined. Medical Device: a contrivance designed and manufactured for use in healthcare, and not solely medicinal or nutritional. Internet of Medical Things (IoMT): devices linked to cloud platforms that store and analyze data.

Brivo Named as One of the MES Midmarket 100 Companies for 2023

We are excited to announce that Brivo, the global leader in cloud-based access control, has been recognized as one of the named companies for the MES Midmarket 100 list for 2023. This award highlights Brivo’s commitment to delivering industry-leading solutions and services to mid-market organizations that need growth and innovation.

Healthcare System Growth Requires Trusted Access Management

You have A LOT on your plate as a healthcare administrator in 2023. From an increase in workplace violence and the need to keep medications out of unauthorized hands, to an abundance of private data to keep safe and costly medical equipment and supplies to protect, it might feel like your to-do list goes on and on. And, we don’t have to tell you, but the healthcare sector is expanding and evolving at an increasingly rapid pace.

Staying Protected: Understanding the Vital Role of Cybersecurity on University Campuses

Cyber threats are increasingly affecting universities and colleges in the USA. Institutions have experienced a surge in cyber attacks in recent years, including data breaches, ransomware attacks, phishing scams, and malware infections. One driving factor for this increase is the valuable data higher education institutions hold, including sensitive personal information of students, faculty members, and staff, as well as important research data and intellectual property.

The Importance of Integrating Physical and Digital Security Access in Higher Education

An integrated physical and digital security access system provides campus law enforcement and security with a more holistic view of activities on campus. When access and identity are further integrated with video surveillance, intercoms, and visitor management, security is strengthened even more. The University of Washington and Michigan State University recently announced plans to expand campus physical and digital security systems.